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Elbe River Basin


W. Lahmer (1998). Macro- and Mesoscale Hydrological Modelling in the Elbe River Basin. In: Proceedings of the International Conference ‘Catchment Hydrological and Biochemical Processes in Changing Environment’ in Liblice, Czech Republic, September 22-24, 1998, p.57-61.


A GIS-based modelling approach is used for hydrological simulation calculations in the German part of the Elbe river basin (96.428 km², macroscale) and in the Stepenitz sub-basin (575 km², mesoscale). The approach includes variable spatial aggregation and disaggregation methods necessary to study the regional impacts of climate and land use changes on the hydrological cycle. The adequate interpolation of climatic input variables turns out to play an key role in large scale hydrological modelling. The results obtained for various water balance components and for two land use change scenarios demonstrate that the developed concept can be applied to river basins of different size and characteristics and is especially suited for regional impact studies.

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